I lived in the Pardee Penthouse!! (aka the 8th floor of Pardee Tower, one of the coolest dorms on campus). I loved Pardee because we got a great view (either North with the Hollywood sign or South with the Coliseum), it was close to everything (McCarthy Quad? Check. Leavey Library? Check. TroGro? Check… And what more do you need?), and of course, it was just social enough. Nothing crazy, it was always okay to sleep, but it was also never so quiet that you thought you were the only person on the floor.

Pardee is also cool because you live on a floor of around 40 other girls (or guys), so you get to meet a ton of people just in the first week of school. The floors are divided into all-girls or all-guys, which makes sense because there’s only one (large) bathroom on each floor. There is also a really awesome lounge on the second floor, which was a great place to watch away football games or have random game nights organized by the Resident¬†Advisers.

View from my room at night.


Watch out: the South side of the dorm (even-numbered rooms) gets a lot of sunlight all day!! It's gets pretty hot in August.

My dresser. I always had enough space, even if I didn't always keep it clean... This is basically the only picture I found that makes me look semi-organized!!

A view of McCarthy Quad from the 8th floor by the stairwell.

I loved decorating my bulletin board!! Honestly, it was one of my favorite parts of my room.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures! FYI, Sophomore year I lived in a USC-operated apartment complex called Cardinal Gardens, and now I live in my sorority house (Alpha Chi Omega) on 28th Street, a.k.a. The Row. Of course, those aren’t choices Freshman have, which is why I highly recommend living in Pardee!! (Penthouse optional).