Alpha Chi Bid Day, Fall 2011

I had a really tough time answering the question of which student organization is my favorite, but in the end it was easy: my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, is my favorite student organization. After all, I spend more time in the AXO house than anywhere else on campus, hang out with my sorority sisters more than almost anyone else, and basically eat every meal there, too… I think those facts pretty much sum up how much I love this sisterhood.

At first it was a toss-up between AXO (pronouced A-“Kye”-O) and Christian Challenge, a group I joined the very first week of school my Freshman year. Really, both groups have taught me more than I could have ever asked for: for example, Alpha Chi Omega has provided me with leadership roles and allowed me to learn how to manage a large group of people with varying interests. Christian Challenge taught me how to be put others’ interests above my own, explore my own spirituality, and make some of my first friendships at USC.

So why AXO? Well, they accept me for who I am, no exceptions. I can go out with my sisters and have a great time, stay in all weekend and have a great time, and always rely on having a listening ear at my disposal.

I’ve been in the house for just over a year, but didn’t rush until I was a sophomore, so I’ve experienced life both in and out of the Greek system. While it may not be for everyone, Greek life is something no one should dismiss before looking into, because you never know what you’ll find, experiences you’ll have, or friends you’ll make.

Oh, P.S., since nearly 15% of my sisters are engineers, I’ve been able to meet tons of non-engineers (great for balancing out my social life), but have never felt alone! The most successful study group I’ve ever joined was for Physics 152, and held in the dining room of my sorority house.