Don’t Forget the Basics… Specifically, don’t forget to take care of yourself! It may seem obvious, but fundamental things like getting enough sleep, heading to the gym, eating healthy, etc. are still important in college. It’s easy to get off-track for anyone, but it’s especially easy when you head to college. One reason? There are so many new things to do! Just make sure that working out is one of them.


The Lyon Center’s GymFlow app, developed by Viterbi PhD students.

When it comes to the gym, it’s good to start going early in the semester before you get too busy. It’s much easier to establish time for fitness in the beginning of the semester than towards the end. Even if you’ve never worked out before a day in your life, fall freshman year is a great time to start. Many of the dorms have work-out rooms, and Webb and Flour are right across from the Lyon Center gym, making it very convenient to stay healthy. I’m not a believer in the “Freshman 15”, but if you keep an active lifestyle, it shouldn’t matter anyway!