Hey Everyone!

Nearly two weeks ago was the beginning of National Engineers Week. On campus, Viterbi has its own version where all undergraduate engineers can take pride in what it means to be an engineer. Makana, Steve, and Gavin already blogged about certain aspects of the week (like Viterbi Ball and Talent Show), but there were many other ways to take part!

The E-Week schedule.

The E-Week schedule flyers. As you can see, we were advertising a variety of events!

I was fortunate enough to be an integral part of organizing E-Week this year as Chair of the Klien Institute of Undergraduate Engineering Life (KIUEL) Planning Committee. My committee and I oversaw everything with E-Week, from the Kick-Off Carnival to Viterbi Ball. It was cool to be on the back-end and see how much planning was involved. I also loved making decisions both big and small, seeing how every choice affected the event in some way. Best of all, it was amazing when our work paid-off as we could see how much fun everyone was having!

The 2013 Viterbi Ball ticket design. Theme? Bond, James Bond.

The 2013 Viterbi Ball ticket design. Theme? Bond, James Bond.

Me and fellow VSA Vlad before heading to Viterbi Ball.

Me and Vlad, whom I found as everyone was checking-in to Viterbi Ball. It was fun to catch up with so many friends!

Here’s a gallery of images from E-Week: