In a world of students with double-majors, minors, or even double-minors, sometimes I wish I’d used my spare units more wisely. But then I think about it, and realize I have no regrets whatsoever! I’ve taken some pretty awesome– albeit random– elective classes here at USC, so I’ll share a few of my favorites.

CTCS 466 Film Symposium

You’ll be lucky to get a seat in this ultra-popular class. It’s well known for amazing guest speakers and screenings of movies before they hit theaters. This once-a-week, 4-hour symposium is held in a huge theater near the film school. We have a short lecture and a short film, then a feature film and a Q & A session with special guests. Last week, the movie we saw was Pitch Perfect! The special guests included the costume designer, the writer, and an actress.

We saw this movie in class!

MPGU 120a Guitar Performance for Beginners

Ever wanted to learn how to play a new instrument? It’s never too late! 120a was such a cool class. My teacher (Mr. Stoubis) seemed like he knew everything about guitars and bands! Of course, I knew my fair share too, since I worked at a music store one summer. It was really cool learing more about guitar amid all my other engineering classes.

This is something I drew in high school, when I first started playing guitar.

FADW 101 Introduction to Drawing

Drawing has always been a hobby of mine, and I knew I’d want to continue it at USC. To take Drawing 101, you don’t need any experience at all, but still find yourself sharing gallery space with some amazingly-talented fine arts students. Taking a class in Roski (the fine arts school) was also a unique experience because I got to meet so many new people! Below are a few of my drawings.

Colored pencil on cork board. Interpretation of a Vietnam-era photograph.

A drawing of my all-time favorite musician Bob Dylan. One of my earlier drawings. Pen on paper.














PHED 131 Aerobics

P.E. classes at USC are awesome… I’ve actually taken 5 of them!! They keep you in shape, and you can typically get an A as long as you show up and expect a good work-out. Plus, the teachers are super enthusiastic and motivating!! I took step aerobics fall of my freshman year, and to-date it still ranks as one of my most fun classes.