Hey everyone! I’m back at USC for my LAST FALL SEMESTER, and I can hardly believe it! Fortunately, I have an amazing schedule and I can already tell this year’s going to be a blast. I’m still a little in denial about actually being a senior, but as soon as the Career Fairs, Career Expos, and Resume Workshops roll in, I’m sure I’ll have no trouble believing it.

I’m taking five classes:

  • AME 404, Mechanical Engineering Problems (a MATLAB-programming-based class)
  • AME 305, Mechanical Engineering Design (a sequel to Statics and Strength of Materials, which are
  • AME 441, Senior Design Project
  • AME 451, Linear Control Systems
  • CTCS Film Symposium

So far I’ve enjoyed all of them. My 451 professor is really entertaining, my 441 senior design group is really efficient (and our project is really cool, but more on that later), my 305 professor is one of the best I’ve ever had (Dr. Safadi, who also teaches AME 201 and 204). Lastly, AME 404 is tough, but I think I’ll learn a lot.

I’m standing next to the old AME 105/Introduction to Aerospace class’s Glider Launcher. We’re re-designing it as my Senior Design Project!

The only class that doesn’t count toward my Mechanical Engineering degree is Film Symposium, but I definitely recommend it. Last week, we saw The Words before it hit theaters!

As I write this, I am currently in San Francisco for USC’s away game at Stanford (known to USC students as “The Weekender,” which occurs whenever we play either Berkeley or Stanford away). I’m about to head to the stadium right now!

At Union Square in San Francisco, there was a huge USC Pep Rally last night before the Stanford game!

Another great part of Fall semester is sorority rush! This picture is of my Little Sis and me on Bid Day.