Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!! Our AXΩ House Christmas Tree.

I’m looking forward to that awkward time between semesters. Awkward? Maybe I meant Beautiful– with nothing to do but relax, sleep, relax, ski, open presents, sleep, read, relax, and hang out with friends from home. It’s stress-free except for a bit of boredom mixed in, once you realize you are caught up with a years’ worth of relaxing and wish you could go back to school early. Okay, maybe that’s just me. Awkward.

It’s been a long semester, Fall 2011– since I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving, and flew out to California early to visit family and go to Yosemite National Park, it will be nearly 4.5 months!! I’m still on the brink of finishing finals (just one more to go!!) and then it’ll be my long-awaited homecoming. I’m not homesick, but I’m ready for the break.

This semester was unlike any I’ve experienced– school became more intense with the advent of my MechOps class. I also became more involved with my sorority, living in the house and then running for E-Board. There were many great moments in between: Thanksgiving Break with my family, a retreat to Big Bear Lake with Christian Challenge, some great, spontaneous Weekends*, and of course learning a lot about Mechanical Engineering in all my classes, even my Architecture elective.

Success? Yes.

…At least I hope so, since I have yet to know how I did on final exams.

I won’t be blogging over winter break– I’ll be too busy reading novels, catching up on movies, and seeing my East Coast cousins on Christmas. I’m excited to hang out and relax by the fire (I’ll need the fire– I’m really not looking forward to the COLD, icy Virginia Winter air!!). I’ll be hoping for snow, since the last two years I’ve had a White Christmas and would really love a third. Oh, and I’ll be applying to summer internships, how could I forget that!?!

Happy Holidays,


*Some Highlight photos from these Weekends: learning to play Broomball, viewing the Total Lunar Eclipse from Griffith Observatory, nights out with my AXΩ Sisters, and more…