As a USC student, downtown Los Angeles is practically in my backyard. With scores of skyscrapers just two miles away from campus, it’s easy to see the bright city lights from dorms and apartments. I didn’t visit downtown much as a freshman– it was easy to put off, with so much always happening right on campus!

As a senior, I’ve decided to take advantage of my urban real estate and finally explored the city. One thing I learned is that it’s usually cheaper and more convenient use public transportation, even if you have a car. Just in the last month, I’ve taken the Dash F bus downtown countless times, the Metro’s new Expo Line, which passes right by USC, LA Live, and goes up to 7th street, and just recently I’ve taken the Silver Line and #81 buses, too.

#DTLA at Night

#DTLA at night. In a word: mesmerizing!

Here are some images of what I’ve discovered: