I’m home at last after a long and exhausting finals week. So what does that mean I do with my new found free time? Well, most of my time is devoted to spending time with my friends, family, and sleeping. However, in between the cookie baking parties and game nights, I’ve grown more and more in love with the Food Network. You may think that winter break means a break from learning? Not so! Here is just a sample of all the things I’ve learned:

1. You should let a roast “rest” for a while, covered in foil, before cutting, so that the juices don’t all come out.

2. Truffles (the chocolate kind) should be served at room temperature.

3. When cooking a roast, you should cook it at two different temperatures — a lower temperature for the cooking, and then a much higher temperature for a brief time to give it a nice crust.

4. If you want to make a zucchini pancake, put some salt on the zucchini (to draw out the moisture), put it all in a towel, and squeeze out the juice.

5. Paula Deen is even more outrageous than I used to think. SO MUCH BUTTER. I love it.

Enjoy your break, everyone! Just 3 days until Christmas! I can’t wait!