This week has been overwhelming. For some reason I’ve had something pretty significant due in each of my 5 classes, even the classes that rarely give out large assignments. I’ve been buried up to my neck in lab write-ups, papers, and problem sets. And then there was today’s physics midterm. I think I did pretty well, but we’ll have to see when the grades come out later this evening. Thankfully, I’m pretty much done with most of my work for the week now. I’ve got a physics lab left, and some reading, but I’m really looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

In the meantime, however, I’m definitely going to indulge in my favorite pastime — that’s right, folks, it is officially nap time. I didn’t nap much in high school. By the time I got home from class and cross country practice and whatever choir/mock trial/ rehearsals I had going on it was fairly late and I would do my homework and go to bed. But now that I have breaks in the middle of my days, I’ve begun to appreciate the ease and beauty of naps. Sometimes I take 20 minute naps. Sometimes an hour. After late nights studying I might take upwards of 3 hours. They always prove to be a fantastic experience and an excellent use of time.

Sweet dreams!