There are a number of engineering buildings where both classes and research take place, and even more buildings that are not specifically engineering but also house engineering classes. When it comes to the hub of engineering, however, there’s no better place than Ronald Tutor Hall. Known affectionately by Viterbi engineers as “RTH,” this building has pretty much everything you need as an engineering student. The student affairs office is located on the first floor, along with a number of classrooms. On the second floor, you’ll find the Viterbi Career Services (VCS) — a career center devoted to engineering, the Viterbi Academic Resources Center (VARC), which is great for free tutoring, group review sessions, or even a quiet place to study, the Center for Engineering Diversity (CED), which advocates for underrepresented groups in engineering, and the Baum Student Center, complete with breakout study rooms, desks, and a great couch (frequently used by many for naps between classes).

RTH Cafe

If there’s one spot in RTH that’s better than all the rest, however, it would have to be Tutor Cafe. This cafe has freshly made breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as pre-made items for when time is of the essence. The coffee and tea are excellent, and there are tables both inside and outside. My favorite thing about Tutor Cafe is that no matter what time of day, I almost always run into friends. Sometimes I will camp out here for a few hours, and it’s fun to catch up with people as they filter through. Other times I just have time to stop in and grab a bite to eat, but it’s always nice to see friendly and familiar faces as I rush through my busy day.

Studying at the cafe

Check out the webisode about some other spots to study at USC here.



  • João Vitor Costa says:

    Hi Kristen, what a nice tu study huh? What Calculator do you use, i’m going to study mechanic engineering and i don’t know which one I should buy. ;D

  • kristen says:

    I don’t think that there are any calculators that are better than others, although most people like graphing calculators because they have a lot of useful functions. My graphing calculator is a little old, but it does the job!