This weekend has been full of long, extended study sessions. Materials science, physics, a paper for my GE, and some computer programming — there has been a lot to do! So, naturally, I decided to take a break and compose a list of my favorite ways to study:

1. With friends — study groups can be super helpful for classes like physics or materials science where you have a lot of problems that are often really complex and difficult to understand. The rest of the time, study groups just keep you entertained when your paper isn’t quite as thrilling as you would like it to be.

2. With coffee — tasty, and perks you up!

3. With music — sometimes a good beat is what it takes to keep you motivated.

4. With colored pens — why outline a paper in black when you could use… purple?

5. With goals — at the end of the day, my mind definitely starts to wander. It helps a ton to pick a time and tell myself that I have to work until then, and then I can take a break.

Well, that’s about all I can think of. I should probably get back to the wonders of electromagnetism!