I’m really excited for the spring semester. Because I finished math last year and have already taken my tech elective, I have some flexibility in my schedule. I’ve decided to move o-chem (which I would normally start junior year) up to this coming semester. Then I’ll be taking BME 210 (Biomedical Computer Simulation Methods), PHYS 161 (Honors Mechanics and Thermodynamics), and BISC 220 (Cell Biology and Physiology). That comes out to a total of 15 units — 3 units below the 18 unit maximum. So what to do with the extra units?

I thought at first about taking an international relations class for my minor, but I didn’t want to be overwhelmed with work. I’ve heard that o-chem can be a lot of work, and I want to be able to do well.

In the end, I decided to take some fun classes, so that my world won’t be entirely science and engineering. I did ballet for 8 years in elementary school, and I’ve been dancing in musicals since junior high. Last year I didn’t dance at all, however, and it made me realize how much I’ve missed it. There is a ballet class that meets twice a week, and I’m really excited to take it. I’ve also decided to take guitar lessons for 1 unit. I’ve been learning how to play from friends/ myself for almost a year now, and I’m pretty good with chords and decent at finger plucking. I want to learn some proper technique, though, so that I can start playing more difficult songs. I’m really excited about both ballet and guitar and can’t wait for them to start!

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  • kelly says:

    Sounds like a lot of labs…good luck!

    I have space in my schedule for a “fun” class too. I’m thinking yoga…?