I am really loving sophomore year. Freshman year was kind of a strange year, because I was a little burnt out on studying, so it was harder to get motivated. And then, of course, I was living in a totally new place with people I’d known for less than a year. I enjoyed freshman year a lot, but it was just kind of weird. Getting back on campus as a sophomore, though, has been a blast for a few reasons:

  1. Friends – I missed my SC friends a lot over the summer, considering I had only known them for about 9 months. It’s really nice to see them again, and pick up where we left off last spring. The new friends I’ve met have also contributed to this being an awesome year so far.
  2. Apartment Life – A living room + an oven = dinner parties and WAY too many delicious baked goods. I’ve determined that frozen chicken breasts are a staple and a George Foreman grill is the best kitchen appliance ever invented.*
  3. Classes – not only is it nice to walk into your classes and know people in all of them, but I’m taking some really interesting courses this year. My GE course called “Biblical Protagonists through an Ancient Lens,” provides a nice balance to the 4 hard science/ engineering classes that fill out the rest of my schedule. I’m having a good time with materials science, as well, even though the lecture is at 8am!

It’s only week 4, but I’ve got a feeling that this year is going to be spectacular.

*Some would argue that a microwave should hold this coveted position. Note that these people rarely have a George and therefore are unable to enjoy fresh grilled teriyaki burgers between classes.