One of my favorite things about studying engineering at USC is that there are almost always a few units left over each semester to try some fun classes. I’ve taken music classes, dance classes, sailing… but I’ve never taken anything in the PE department. Since this is my last semester and I will likely be joining the sedentary work force next year, I thought it would be fun to dabble in different kinds of physical activity. Thus, I enrolled in two classes: physical conditioning on Monday/Wednesday and yoga on Tuesday/Thursday.

Physical Conditioning is a tough class, where we do everything from circuit training to sprint intervals to Zumba. It’s always a good workout, and it’s really fun learning different ways to work out. Some things I enjoy, others aren’t my cup of tea, but the variety of the class always makes things interesting.

Yoga is definitely more chill than physical conditioning. It is really nice to take an hour twice a week to relax, stretch, and strengthen. I’ve already seen a big improvement in my ability to hold certain poses and balances.

It’s been great to have workouts scheduled into my routine. With the busyness of college, being good about eating healthy and exercising is really important, and yet it’s so easy to ignore. So far this semester, the classes have been great and have left me feeling energized and ready to tackle the challenges of #ViterbiLife.

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  • Radhika says:

    Such a good use of one unit! I have a friend in physical conditioning right now, and I took tennis for fun last year