The college viewbook. Home to statistics, profiles on notable alumni, and, of course, all of those huge color photos of the students “living their lives” (or, rather, the lives that the photographer set up). Most of the time, my life wouldn’t fit very well in the pages of a viewbook. I usually study better in my room than in one of the libraries and I’ve never been a big fan of playing frisbee on the lawn in front of the dorms. Today at lunch, however, I felt like a viewbook star – maybe even worthy of the homepage. I made some lunch and biked over to where my boyfriend works so we could have lunch together (riding my light blue beach cruiser in the sunshine with a slight breeze). We then took the food outside and sat on the steps right next to a beautiful fountain. Tommy Trojan, Doheny Library, and Trousdale Parkway were all right in front of us. The grass and flowers in Alumni Park were extra bright and beautiful. We said hi to some friends as they walked by and watched an improv troupe perform for a group of kids in the distance. It was a really enjoyable lunch – and would have been tremendously viewbook appropriate. I guess, in the end, those pictures aren’t half bad. They may seem a little poised, but they do an decent job of capturing what often ends up happening on beautiful [winter?] days like these in Southern California.