June Moutain

One of the greatest things about being a college student is getting student discounts. Some of the best discounts are at Yogurtland, El Cholo Mexican Restaurant, and, probably my favorite, June Mountain. For those of you unfamiliar with the glorious wonders of June, it’s really close to Mammoth Mountain, about a 6 hour drive from USC.

The discount: College students can buy a season pass for only $99, which basically pays for itself in a weekend. Last weekend was the first time I used my pass, and it was truly a perfect weekend to be up there. My friends and I piled into my friend’s truck at 2:30am on Saturday and drove straight to the slopes, getting there just after opening. It was a cold and snowy first day, but the fresh powder made it all worth it. On Sunday the sun came out for a warm and beautiful day. It was the perfect weather to get into snowball fights and try out new runs and jumps, since none of us minding falling into the soft powder.

Lindsay, the lone skier in our bunch

Nick, catching some air on a jump while the sun shines

I love being at school in California, because you can go to the beach one day and go snowboarding the next. I mean, really, how spoiled can we get? This week I’m going back to June, to get all the use out of my incredibly cheap college pass that I can!