Beautiful Santa Barbara

Even though I live only 2 hours away from school, I don’t go home very often. There always seems to be something fun to do at school, and before I know it, it’s Thanksgiving break. Now that I have a car at school, though, it’s a little easier to get home when I’m feeling the need for a little R&R.

So, home is where I find myself this evening. Two weeks ago I came down with a cold, so I’ve been playing catch-up and barely getting things done before they’re due. This is definitely not my favorite way of doing things and doesn’t allow much room for spontaneity, which is one of the best parts about college. This is a game weekend, and as much as I HATE missing USC football, I knew I wouldn’t get much done if I stuck around campus, so I decided to spend the weekend at my house in Santa Barbara.

Turns out my parents are in New Mexico at a balloon festival (apparently this is what you do when all your kids grow up), so I’ve got the place to myself – perfect for getting a bunch of work done. I have a few things planned out like breakfast with a friend and a much needed car wash, but the rest of the weekend will just be studying for midterms, reading some papers for my research project, and planning the next EWB (Engineers Without Borders) design meeting. Should be a productive weekend!