photo credit: Eduardo Garcia-Ramirez

College is weird in the way it defines home. When you’re at school and you tell people you’re going “home” for the weekend, you obviously mean that place you grew up and where your parents still have their lives (believe it or not). But two days later, your roommate calls while you’re kickin it with the folks and you tell her, “I’ll be home Sunday afternoon.” And -poof- “home” now means your cozy little apartment at school with your lofted bed and the magic of having all your best friends for neighbors. It’s a weird phenomenon really, but I realize whichever place I’m not – that’s what I call home.

I move “home” this Thursday. I can’t wait.

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  • Michele says:

    Agreed. Home is a strange concept. Sometimes, even a hotel room can be home when you are traveling. But we always have that idea, that place of rest belonging to somewhere we are not, in the back of our head. Anyway, have fun in SB!