This Wednesday my roommates and I decided to have a mini Christmas party! We bought 2 gingerbread house kits, some peppermint hot cocoa, and sparkling apple cider. After dressing up in green and red and putting Love Actually into the DVD player, our party began!

Vanessa and Emily rocking the red and green

Emily with the ever so difficult gingerbread

At first we had some trouble getting the houses to stay together, but after actually reading the directions, we made it work. Then we covered our tasty cottages with gumdrop bells, christmas colored junior mints, and Peeps snowmen! It was a really fun way to end the semester and an awesome chance to spend some quality time with my roomies even in the midst of finals.

Hard at work

Our House!

Speaking of finals, physics went well yesterday, which was a good way to kick off finals week for me. Today I’ve got a final for my GE and then I’ll have the weekend to study for bio, electrical engineering, and materials science. Then winter break! I’m so excited!

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