I thought about calling this “the beginning of the end,” but couldn’t handle a title that was quite so depressing. I have to admit, this week has had its fair share of nostalgic moments as I began my last semester at USC. Sometimes I can’t believe that three and a half years have gone by so quickly, and other times I can’t believe all that I have been able to accomplish in just three and a half years! As I look for a full-time job and contemplate all that next year has in store, I want to make sure that I also take the time to appreciate everything I love about being in school. Here are some things that I’m looking forward to the most:

1. Honduras #4: I’ve been involved in the USC Chapter of Engineers Without Borders since my sophomore year, and it has been such an amazing experience to travel with the group three times. This March we will be making the trip to Honduras for probably my last time to FINISH our rainwater catchment system. It will be an unbelievable way to end my time with EWB-USC.

2. Classes: After all, classes are one of the most important parts of college, right? This semester, I’m taking some of the most specialized and interesting classes yet. Some, like reinforced concrete, will be particularly fun because of my work with concrete in Honduras and others, like Design of Pressurized Hydraulics and Design of Water Supply and Sewer Systems, will be really applicable to my future career goals in water design.

3. The City: As has become tradition for seniors, I made an “LA Bucket List” with a few of my friends. We want to check everything off by the time we graduate. It should be really fun to do all those things that I’ve been thinking about, but haven’t yet had the chance to do — like eat at Umami Burger, check out the Griffith Observatory, and visit the LA County Museum of Art.

4. Friends: Since most of my friends will be scattered across the country (and even the world) next year, this semester is about making the most of the time we have left together. Whether we’re out for a fun night, or staying in to watch movies and eat my roommate’s famous popcorn, I’m really looking forward to deepening old relationships. And hey — just because it’s the last semester, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t room to meet new people too!

I know these next 14 weeks of class will positively FLY by, but I couldn’t be happier to be where I am. It’s a crazy phase of life, but I’m looking forward to the adventure.