I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that this semester is almost over. I only have a few more classes left, a project for my civil engineering graphics class, a paper for my comparative lit GE, and a physics homework set. Then just 3 finals and a guitar jury and I’m home for a couple weeks — then to Italy to travel with my parents and come May 31st I’ll be in PARIS, where I’ll be taking advanced writing for engineers and a history class all about Paris/France. I’m SO excited for that, but it still seems so far away — I should probably get around to learning some French right about now.

This semester has been the greatest for sure since I got to USC. I’m so glad that I switched to civil engineering and I’ve loved the new friendships I’ve been able to make because of that switch. I’m also really excited about the environmental engineering lab I’ve started working in — there is an awesome water filter project that has developing world applications and I might get to work on it next year! I went to the Dominican Republic over Spring Break on a missions trip with Campus Crusade for Christ and it definitely rocked my world. I fell head over heels in love with the country and the kind hearts of the people there. I really hope I can get back there soon. In fact, I’ve developed a mildly bad habit of drooling over plane tickets… haha.

Sometimes I look back at the semester and think it flew by, but then other times I can’t believe how much happened in the past 4ish months. Life is good, weather is getting good, summer plans look good, and next semester is bound to be really good, too (in part due to the fact that I won’t have class on Wednesday OR Friday!).

Everyone who is still deciding where they want to spend the next four years of their life, good luck! If you come up with any questions, be sure to let us know — viterbistudent@usc.edu

Now off to an Engineers Without Borders meeting! Good bye for now!

P.S. The Weepies are great.