Hi everyone! Every college has things that makes it unique, but the things that are unique to USC are pretty special! Now as a senior, I’ve tried to take advantage of all the cool opportunities available here and want to talk about a few of my favorites.

Midnight Breakfast

Although maybe not a huge deal to some people, as a food lover Midnight Breakfast at the dining halls is one of my favorite things at USC. Every semester during study days for finals, each of the dining halls rotate between hosting breakfast at midnight. If you are up late, it is a great late night meal and a good way to keep you motivated to stay up and keep studying. Also, the food is really really good. There’s hash browns, eggs, biscuits, bacon, sausage, cereal – really anything you would want. And we all know breakfast tastes the best late at night anyways!

Throwback to midnight breakfast my freshmen year!

Throwback to midnight breakfast my freshmen year!

Free events at USC!

Another great thing about USC is all the cool events that students can attend for free. All you have to do is sign up for a ticket and show up! I’ve got to attend some really sweet events at my time here. One of my all time favorite was an Elton John concert in the big auditorium on campus. Getting to here all of his top hits live is something I know I will never forgot. Another one I really enjoyed was getting to see Will Ferrell. He is a USC alum, so he has a lot of school spirit and he came out wearing armor to look like Tommy Trojan and directed the band. Finally, this Friday I’m actually really excited to attend an event – the creators of the Serial podcast are coming to USC. As a huge Serial fan, I can’t wait to hear about their process of making the podcast and hopefully some inside scoop!

Viterbi Ball

This past week was actually engineering week nation wide, and at USC there are a bunch of events that are put on throughout the week to celebrate engineering. The end of the week culminates in a pick celebration called Viterbi Ball! Think kinda like prom, but everyone in attendance studies engineering. It is so fun to see everyone get all dressed up and dance the night away! I had so much fun hanging out with my roommates and civil engineering friends at the dance!


You might have heard here at USC we have a big rivalry with that one school across town (#beatthebruins) so to get pumped up for the big football game against them we have a big celebration called Conquest! McCarthy Quad is completely transformed: there is a big stage, a ferris wheel, and tons of food trucks. The first part of the night is pep rally with all the different sports teams, and then the second half is a concert. My freshmen year it was Childish Gambino, and my sophomore year it was Jason Derulo! Conquest is a really fun event that shows off all the school spirit people at USC have and really brings the whole school together.

A big bonfire at Conquest!

A big bonfire at Conquest!

The Weekender

USC Trojans love their football, and every year students make the trip up to Northern California to see USC take on either Stanford or Berkeley over a weekend. It is always a fun way to take a quick trip away from Los Angeles and see our football team play another game. A lot of students also take time to explore San Francisco. I went the past two years with my roommates and it was a whole lot of fun, and USC won both times!

There’s always something fun going on at campus – make sure to take advantage of them!

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