Although this week everyone is blogging about their #ViterbiCareers, I wanted to talk about ASCE since I missed most of career week in order to attend the ASCE Global Conference in Panama. I’m going to write a blog about my whole trip once I get back, but first I wanted to talk about some things I did with ASCE before I left for Panama.

This past weekend was jam-packed with multiple ASCE events. I had a lot of hanging out with my fellow civil engineers outside of class! I’ve blogged about ASCE before, so check here to learn more about it! This year I am the social chair of ASCE so it is my responsibility to plan fun social events to increase membership and promote club camaraderie.

The first event I planned this weekend was our first Sports Day! At the competition we attend in the spring, one category is sports where we play other schools in volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, tug of war, and many others. Although the official rules mentioning which sports will be part of the competition for this spring won’t be released until January, we have decided to already start training for sports that will likely be included. On Friday we met at Century, an USC-owned apartment complex to practice. Century recently replaced their sand volleyball net and also has open space and a basketball court, making it the perfect place to practice. We started off with volleyball through a 6-on-6 scrimmage. Volleyball was successful because even in just an hour we dramatically improved, and by the end we were utilizing a setter correctly and getting hits in. For the second half we decided to practice ultimate. Since we had multiple Frisbees, we chose to make a giant circle and threw multiple Frisbees at the same time. To help make it easier we had the person with the Frisbee say the name of the person they were going to throw it to which was great because it helped everyone learn each others’ names! Overall it was a great day, and I can’t wait to have another Sports Day soon.

The next event I planned this weekend was the CEE Clubs Tailgate. ASCE paired up to host a giant tailgate with all the other civil engineering organizations: CMAA (Construction Management Association of America), EERI (Earthquake Engineering Research Institute), Chi Epsilon (Civil Engineering Honor Society), and ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers). A few others and I woke up really early Saturday morning to go to campus to claim a spot for the day and begin setting up. We decided to choose right in front of Taper because there were lots of trees for shade and a large grassy area so we could spread out. Throughout the day we had a steady amount of people, and it was great to hang out, enjoy some burgers and get ready to take on ASU (although the outcome of the game was extremely disappointing).

The final event I attended was also fun, even though I didn’t plan it. It was weekly paddling practice for concrete canoe. This was our first official practice and we had a few new people show up. We spend time teaching the newbies how to paddle straight and the process of completing a turn. They seemed to be catching on which was exciting. Afterwards we stuck to tradition and went to In-n-Out after practice. Nothing beats a cheeseburger and fries after a tiring paddling practice out in the sun.

I’m really looking forward to planning and attending more social events throughout the rest of the semester with ASCE. For more information about ASCE, check out our website here. Fight on!
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