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By far one of my favorite involvements at USC is actually outside of the engineering school! I’ve been playing ice hockey since I was five years old, and getting to continue playing at USC has been amazing. Never did I think a school on the west coast would have a hockey team I could be on, but being on the USC Women’s Club Ice Hockey team (WICE) is definitely one of my favorite involvements at USC!



I’m currently the captain of the team, and Ellen is the president! It has been great getting to know each other over the past few years, and because of hockey we have become close friends! We work together to plan an amazing season, with Ellen tackling more of the logistics like scheduling games and managing the budget, where as I get to be more of the leader of the team and run our off ice practices. Sophie is also on the team, and it has been great getting to know her too!

Ellen and I last year after a game!

Ellen and I last year after a game!

Besides getting to play hockey, which is obviously awesome, my favorite part about being on the hockey team is getting to meet such a unique, diverse, and super cool group of girls. Everyone has different majors, years, interests, and hometowns, but we all come together and bond over our love for hockey. I’ve got to meet some really cool people that I never would have met otherwise! We also try to have fun events outside of hockey, like going to dinner, hockey games, and mixers with other club teams. It really is a big hockey family!

Our team watching the men's team take on UCLA!

Our team watching the men’s team take on UCLA!

However, the highlight of our season by far is our annual tournament in Vegas. Since we are the only collegiate women’s hockey team on the west coast, we have to travel to play new competition! Traveling to Vegas is always the highlight of my year because not only do we get to play a bunch of hockey games, but we get to bond even more as a team. Although bittersweet, I always love our team dinner in Vegas after the tournament because we get to reflect on our season and say goodbye to our seniors. Crazy to think that is going to be me this year!


Even if hockey isn’t your thing, I would definitely recommend looking into playing on a sports days in college, whether that be club or intramural! Sports are a great way to get to know new people with similar interests, and if nothing else you get some exercise every week to help keep off the “Freshmen 15”!




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