Hi guys!

Something really really cool happened today. The space shuttle, Endeavor, passed right over USC on its last flying trip around California before landing at LAX. I was aware of the last flight, and was sitting in my living room talking with my roommate and watching the coverage of the flight on the news. As it approached downtown Los Angeles, we were planning on running up to the penthouse of our apartment building to get a closer look. However, as we were getting ready to leave our room, it flew right by our window! It was really cool, and I got a video on my iphone.

About an hour later, I was driving with my roommates to Costco to get some supplies for tailgating for the Cal game tomorrow (Beat the Bears!). Costco happens to be pretty close to LAX, and it just so happens that right as we were next to LAX on the 105 freeway, the Endeavor was about to land. We STOPPED on the freeway along with pretty much every car in the 2 right-most lanes. We all got out of our cars and were able to watch the shuttle land and taxi down the runway. It was so cool!

Endeavour Landing


So that’s the story for today. In general, I was pretty busy this week with my classes. I’m really enjoying them so far. I also went to CHLA this morning for my research. The project I was working on is now almost finished! And I’m starting to work on a new project that I will blog about soon!

Enjoy your weekend!