With finals quickly approaching, I realize that there are only a couple more weeks before I go to Madrid with the Viterbi Overseas Program! I am sooooo excited. So far, we have had two orientation meetings, where we met some of the other students participating in the program. It seems like a GREAT group of kids. I already know a handful of them.

Being an Engineering major, I was concerned that I would not have an opportunity to study abroad. However, I was pleased to learn that I would be able to study abroad in the summer. Furthermore, I don’t have to miss football season or club water polo season! I honestly couldn’t think of a better abroad program for my personal needs. What’s especially exciting about this program is the academic structure. USC professors actually come to Madrid with us to teach us the material. We do not need to learn a new language, nor do we need to worry about learning different material than our fellow engineering majors back at USC. All of the offered classes are specifically approved for engineering students: the courses I am taking actually go toward my degree requirements!

I am super excited to spend the summer in Madrid. I can’t wait to learn all about the Spanish culture (including the food!). I hope to make great friends with the other students who are going. Woooooo!