Hey everyone!

Spring semester of junior year has officially begun….that means I’m going to be a senior pretty soon! Can’t believe it! Time flies so fast! I have a ton of awesome stuff happening this semester…

First of all, classes are already well underway! I’m taking:

EE 326: Essentials of Electrical Engineering- Time to go back and review my Physics 2 notes!
ACCT 410: Accounting for Non-Majors. This should be a really useful class because I hope to go into finance one day!
GEOL 240: Earthquakes. This counts as one of my GE’s, and it seems pretty interesting so far!
CLAS 300: Women in Antiquity. Definitely different from my more technical classes, but it’s really interesting and thought provoking! Love it!

and finally….

ENGR 345: Principles and Practices of Global Innovation. Really excited about this. The class also includes students from 3 other universities in China, Israel, and Korea. We all watch the same lectures and can actually see each other on screen! I’m sure I will be blogging about this class pretty often, because I am really looking forward to it!

Besides classes, I’m pretty busy with my student organizations this semester.

We have a water polo tournament this weekend, and 2 more later in the semester. Should be fun. We’re all supposed to get together tonight for a pasta party to “carb-up” for our games!

I’m also the Philanthropy Chair for Phi Alpha Delta, a professional pre-law fraternity that I’m in. I’ve got some really cool ideas for ways that our organization can give back to the community that I’m really excited to implement.

We’re currently recruiting new girls for Helenes, and I can’t wait to meet the new members!

Finally, it’s SKI SEASON! I’m hoping to go up to Mammoth pretty much any weekend that I don’t have a tournament or other obligation. I was up last weekend and the skiing was great! And I ran into Matt, one of my friends from my ISE classes. So random! Here’s a picture of me in all of my ski gear 🙂

photo (7)

Lastly, I got some really exciting news the other day about the research I’ve been working on at CHLA. The abstract for the publication I am working on has been approved, and I’ve been invited to go present what I’ve been working on in Philadelphia in a few months.

So, that’s what I’m going to be busy with this semester. Lots to look forward to!

Until next week!