Hi guys! One of the student orgs I’m involved in that I haven’t blogged too much about is Phi Alpha Delta, a pre-law professional fraternity.

I joined the second semester of sophomore year, but wasn’t too involved last semester because I had class during the weekly meetings. But- this semester I am Philanthropy Chair of the organization, so I’m going to be thinking of some ways to get our members involved in various service and fundraising projects. I’m super stoked to get involved with PAD again and catch up on meeting some of the newbies that I didn’t get to know last semester (as well as this semester’s new members!)

I’ve really enjoyed my PAD experience so far, because I’ve learned a lot about the legal profession that I didn’t know before. I’ve always been pretty interested in law, but I haven’t really been sure whether or not I actually want to apply to law school. By being a member of PAD, I’ve gotten to listen to a lot of professionals talk about their experiences in their specific legal professions. I’ve also learned a lot about the law school application process, the LSAT, and what it’s like to be in law school. I don’t think I’m going to go into law school right out of college- but maybe I will eventually!

Another huge benefit of being in PAD is the great opportunity to network. In addition to meeting all kinds of professionals, a lot of members have been able to connect with PAD alumni (both from USC and from other universities). These relationships have even gotten some people internships at legal offices and firms. It’s really awesome to have such a supportive community of people with a similar interest.

Finally, I’ve made some great friendships with other people from USC PAD. Here’s a picture of me with some of my good friends šŸ™‚



In addition to Phi Alpha Delta, there are several other professionalĀ fraternitiesĀ on campus with really awesome networking opportunities. The best part is, many of them don’t require you to actually be studying in that field in order to apply or join. This means that if you have other professional interests besides engineering, you can still check out other stuff if you don’t want to add another major or minor. I’ve really enjoyed my PAD experience so far and can’t wait for it to continue!

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  • Phi Alpha Delta Headquarters says:

    This is such wonderful PAD pride! We are thrilled to see that you’ve benefited so much from PAD already. If you ever need anything from headquarters, please contact us!


    PAD HQ’s Staff