Hi everyone!

I can’t believe I’ve already finished week 2 of my last semester of undergrad here at Viterbi! I can already tell that this semester is going to be the quickest to go by. 

I spent most of my winter break in Park City, UT skiing and hanging out. I even got to try snowmobiling!


Then, right before school started, I went to Las Vegas for the weekend and saw the Beatles LOVE show! It was my first time, and I had a blast! The show was really awesome, too!


This semester is looking really good so far. I’m taking 6 classes, only one of which is class for my undergraduate ISE major.

ISE 495b: The second half of my ISE senior design project! My group is working with Port Logistics helping them optimize their warehousing strategy. Most of the time I will be going to their actual facilities to take data, but I will also come to class give presentations. I’m really excited to take all of the ISE knowledge that I’ve learned and apply it to a real life ISE optimization challenge!

CLAS 307: Law and Society in Classical Greece. This is the last class I will take toward my Classics minor. The class seems pretty cool so far. We’re going to read ancient Greek trials and then choose the information we think will be useful to act out the actual trials in class. I did mock trial in high school, so I think that this will be sort of similar to that, plus it relates to everything I’ve learned about the ancient world! This semester, I’ll also be applying to be a Renaissance Scholar.

REL 132: Religions in the West: This class satisfies my last general education requirement. I took a few religion classes in high school, but I think that learning about how the different religions relate to each other will be extremely interesting.

CTCS 466: Theatrical Film Symposium! This is one of those classes that everyone wants to take. I’m just taking it for fun. Each week, we get to see a special screening of a film that hasn’t been released yet! Afterwards, special guests such as actors or directors come and speak to us about the film. I have tons of friends in this class, so I’m really excited to take it!

MPST-300: I’m taking one unit of private violin lessons! I played when I was younger, and have always wanted to pick it up again. So I had an extra unit and decided to go for it! I haven’t started lessons yet, but I can’t wait to start playing again!

ISE-563: Financial Engineering. I’m in Viterbi’s Progressive Degree Program, where you can get a Bachelor’s and Masters in Engineering in 5 years. My Master’s degree is going to be in Financial Engineering, and this is my first graduate class towards that degree.

All of my classes (except Film Symposium, which is on Thursday night) are on Mondays and Wednesdays, so I am also interning at a financial securities firm downtown. I had always been somewhat unsure of how to land an internship during the semester, but I attended the USC Career Fair last fall, and got the one I wanted! It’s perfect experience for me, as I am just starting my coursework in Financial Engineering.

Finally, this semester is our playing season for water polo! We actually have our first tournament next weekend, so that should be really fun!

All in all, this semester is going to be really busy, but it will probably be the best yet!