Hi guys!

Last year, I wrote a post about how much I love being in USC Helenes! It’s still my favorite organization that I’m involved in, and I had a really exciting experience a few weeks ago- Traveler Crew!

IMG_2929 (1200x900)

For those of you who don’t know, one of USC’s mascots is Traveler, a white horse. At every home football game, Traveler runs around the field whenever we score a touchdown. It’s a great tradition!

As a Helene, I had the opportunity to be on the Traveler Crew for our home game against Boston College. This means that I got to spend all day with Traveler! I went to the game early and helped Traveler’s owner and trainers while we waited for the game to start. When the game was ready to start, I got to walk with Traveler through the tunnel and out onto the field. I actually got to spend the entire game on the field!

IMG_2966 (525x700)

I even got to visit my friends from Helenes before the game started!

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I have to say that hanging out with Traveler and on and off the field all day has been one of the greatest experiences of my time here at USC. Standing on the field and looking up at all of the people who had come to the game to support our team really made me proud to be a Trojan. We really have some awesome traditions here, and I’m so glad to be in an organization like Helenes, where I get to be a part of them.