Hey everyone!

One of the coolest things I’m involved in on campus is USC Helenes. Helenes is an all-female service based organization. We are also “the official hostesses of USC.” We do a lot of different stuff, including:

Hostessing: Helping set up the career fairs, helping out with Parent’s Weekend activities, and hostessing other University Events.

Service: We do a lot of service around LA. A lot of the time we tutor and help babysit at some of the local elementary and high schools, but we also go cook for the downtown women’s center, walk dogs for a local animal shelter, and raise funds for various other things.

Athletics: We go cheer on USC athletes at all the different athletic games! And during football, we get to sit in the front row of the student section. It’s a blast!

I went to a small all-girls high school, so its really nice to hang out with only girls sometimes in college. I’ve made a bunch of really good friends through Helenes. All the girls are so friendly, and I admire each of them for individual reasons. We all have different majors, but are united through our genuine love for USC and desire to help our communities. I feel like Helenes is one activity that I wouldn’t have been able to participate in if I had gone to another school. That makes me love it even more. Our history is deeply rooted in USC’s history, and we have several traditions that reflect that. We also have a brother organization: the Trojan Knights. We get to do some activities with them around homecoming and other times during the year. They also paint their stomachs for our football games. It’s always a lot of fun!


Here’s some pictures of me and some of my friends from Helenes.

Me with some of my Viterbi friends who are also in Helenes :)

Me with some of my Viterbi friends who are also in Helenes đŸ™‚


More friends!

More friends

A couple of hours before the Hawaii Game

A couple of hours before the Hawaii game

Posing with our homecoming float last year!