Hi guys!

My favorite class this semester is my ISE 495- Senior Design Project. It’s a year long course that you take as a senior after you’ve taken all of your prerequisite courses- it’s 2 units in the fall, and 2 in the spring. In the class, we’re divided up into teams and we get placed to work at real companies. So there’s not too much homework per say, but instead we’re getting real experience with real companies. We were just assigned our companies a couple of weeks ago. My company is….

Port Logistics!

I went with my team this week to meet the representatives at Port Logistics and find out what kind of help they need this year. We will essentially be acting as consultants over the year. The first semester, we’ll identify the root cause of the problem, and second semester we will implement our solution.

The problem that I’ll specifically looking at is how to optimize their storage space. They are a third party logistics group, and they specialize in last-mile delivery of products. They have warehouses, and it sounds like we’ll be optimizing how the products are stored in the warehouse. I’m pretty excited to work on this project, because one of my old classes, ISE 310: Production Processes I, with Professor Bottlik, taught us exactly how to do it!

Besides helping Port Logistics with their storage optimization, I will be learning a lot about lean implementation in general. Lean is a new initiative that many companies are using today to make their processes more efficient. Today we actually had an all day simulation in which we built model planes and tried to use lean tools in order to make the most. Cassandra is also in my class, so she was there too.

Here’s a picture of my team working on the models!

ISE Simulation


Anyway, ISE 495 is definitely going to be a really exciting class and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty with Port Logistics!