So this weekend is the homecoming game vs. Arizona State and in preparation for the weekend there have been all sorts of activities!

On Monday night, there was a celebration in McCarthy Quad called “Anything Goes.” There were several teams from different student organizations, and each of them had to compete in various activities. I wasn’t actually there, but I attended last year and there were dance competitions to current/funny songs, an obstacle course, and searching through a tray of whipped cream (with your mouth) to find a key! It’s always a lot of fun because nobody knows what the activities will be until they get there, so everyone improvises. It’s a blast!

Tuesday night, all of the organizations build floats that represent the homecoming theme. This year, the theme was “Level the Devils.” (ASU’s mascot is the SunDevil). Float building is so much fun. In fact, it’s one of my favorite USC memories. Since I’m on the Helenes team, I get to bond with all of the new members that I don’t know too well yet. It’s really a blast.

On Wednesday, there is a parade during the day showing off all the floats that the student organizations built. I couldn’t go this year, but last year Traveler was there and I got a picture with him!

Last night, there was a big pep rally at the USC Galen Center¬†where they announce which organizations won awards for the various contests. This year, Helenes won “Most Spirited” and was first runner-up for “Best Overall.” The Song Girls, Trojan Dance Force, and Trojan Marching Band were all there.

Finally, the GAME is tomorrow! I’m so excited! The campus is already decorated with all kinds of tents. It should be fun!