A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to go to an L.A. Kings hockey game! It was so much fun! I went to a few of these in high school but hadn’t gone in awhile. Tickets for games can get sort of expensive, but sometimes you can find reasonably priced ones in the nosebleeds. That’s what I did. Hockey is one of my favorite sports to watch, and the Kings won, so I was pretty happy. This game had twitter competitions- you could win prizes if you were able to correctly guess the final score prior to puck drop. The last time I went to a Kings game, I didn’t even have a twitter account! I guessed, but unfortunately I didn’t guess right. The score ended up being 2-1 Kings. So it worked out.


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The next week, I went to a USC Baseball game at Dedeaux Field with some Helenes. They were playing CSU Northridge. The game lasted 4 and a half hours! But it was fun rooting for our team. It was tied for the entire game but we got beat in the end :(. Oh well! Also, every student that attended got 3 free hot dogs! I’m not a big fan of hot dogs, but I had one in the spirit of baseball and gave my other two away.


Anyway, I’ve just been thinking lately that between the Staples Center, Dodgers Stadium and USC, there are tons of games to go to around here. I haven’t been to a Trojan basketball game yet this season, but I usually end up going to a couple. Those are really fun too! I really want to start going to more sports games. A lot of our teams are really good and it’s definitely a great thing to do when you get bored (I don’t get bored too often, but when I do….). Anyway. That’s it for this week!