Hey everyone!

I’m finishing up my third week of the semester! I’ve been sooo busy so far. But I’m really enjoying being back at USC!

This semester I’m taking 5 Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) Classes:

ISE 331: Introduction to Operations Research: Stochastic Models- Probably my hardest class so far. I’m trying to remember everything I learned in probability last year! Luckily, my professor is extremely knowledgeable and very willing to help get us all back to speed. I think this will be a very challenging course, but it’s a continuation on a course I really liked last semester, so it should be okay. 🙂

ISE 310 and 410: Production 1: Facilities and Logistics and Production 2: Planning and Scheduling- I’m learning all about supply chain and different methods of supply chain management and organization. I’ve been waiting to learn about this since I was a freshman, and really enjoying both of these classes so far!

ISE 482: Engineering Database Applications- This class is SO cool! My professor, Dr. Kale, has connections with some of the staff at the LA Orthopaedic Hospital. As a class, we are going to build them a more interactive website that will be easier for their employees to manage due to limited need for actual coding. I’ve never built a website before, and I’m already really excited about this project.

ISE 370: Human Factors in Work Design- This class is a little bit more practical. We’re learning about how things need to be designed in order to be more user-friendly. Really cool stuff! Plus, my professor is awesome!

I’m also taking a 1 unit tennis class. It’s really nice to get up in the morning and go play tennis for an hour before class. It energizes me for the rest of the day. I’m so glad that I have opportunities to take classes like tennis just for fun. 🙂

As for involvement, I’m doing all the same activities I did last year: Helenes, Club Water Polo, Ski and Snowboard Team, and Phi Alpha Delta (the pre-law fraternity), as well as continuing my research at CHLA. This year, I am hoping to get more involved with Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Engineers Without Borders (EWB). Hopefully I will have time! The good thing about most of these organizations is their flexibility. It’s possible to be really involved in these activities, and get a position on the E-board, but it’s also possible to just put in some work whenever one have the time for it.

Today, I’m driving up to Palo Alto with my roommate and some of our friends to go to the Stanford Game tomorrow! I know a lot of people going up for “The Weekender,” so it should be a really good time. Can’t wait!

Until next time!