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So this blog is the second in a two-blog series about my major – Industrial & Systems Engineering. Last week I talked about what ISE means in general and you can read that blog here. This week I’ll talk about where my ISE friends at USC work, both in internships and after graduation!

“Where will I work?”

So this was definitely the primary question on my mind when I decided to study Industrial & Systems. I was always very concerned about getting a job after graduation and I wanted to be sure that I was picking an major that would give me a lot of options after graduation. The good news about ISE is that it did just that.

The short answer is that ISEs can work pretty much anywhere! The really cool thing about ISE is that pretty much any company in the world can benefit from an efficiency expert. Below I’ve listed a just a few internship offers or full-time offers that my ISE friends at USC have received. This just to give you a few ideas about various industries and companies that ISE majors can work for – particularly the ones I was considering personally.

Just keep in mind that this list is definitely not comprehensive – there are a ton of other opportunities out there, I’m just listing a few of the ones that I considered or my friends considered.


  • The job – Technology consulting or even management consulting are popular paths for a lot of ISEs here right now. It allows many of us to do what we love all the time by helping companies operate more efficiently, often using technology to make improvements.
  • Where my ISE friends have interned or received full-time offers:
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers
    • Deloitte
    • Ernst & Young
    • Accenture
    • Boston Consulting Group
    • McKinsey & Company


  • The job – In manufacturing, ISEs can help companies save money by reducing scrap materials, improving worker efficiency, implementing better technological systems, and so much more.
  • Where my ISE friends have interned or received full time offers:
    • Boeing
    • Eaton
    • Nestle
    • Target
    • Pretty much every other manufacturing company

Supply Chain:

  • The job – Essentially, a supply chain consists of all parties involved, directly or indirectly, in fulfilling a customer request. The supply chain includes not only the manufacturer and suppliers, but also transporters, warehouses, retailers, etc. Basically, ISEs can help companies save money improving the efficiency of the supply chain process.
  • Where my ISE friends have interned or received full time offers:
    • Nike
    • PepsiCo
    • Cisco
    • Amazon

Other very popular opportunities:

  • Theme parks companies (Disney hires ISE interns!)
  • Healthcare and hospitals (I have a couple of friends who have interned for hospitals in LA or companies like UnitedHealthcare)
  • Major shipping distributors (UPS and FedEx are two of the top ISE employers that I know of)
  • Airports or airline companies (LAX offers several opportunities, for example)
  • Transportation companies and city departments (LA Department of Transportation, Department of Water and Power, etc.)
  • Tons of others!

Basically, like I said, there is really no shortage of ISE jobs out there. One of my favorite things about ISE is that it’s just so flexible – I could spend forever trying to list all of the opportunities available.

Hopefully between my last blog and this one, you now understand ISE a bit better!

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