Hey guys!

Well, it’s been a pretty good week so far. I’m lucky enough to have a break from midterms and essays until next week! That’s not to say I don’t have lots of studying to do, but it is nice to have a little less pressure at the moment. I’m definitely taking the opportunity to catch up on a variety of stuff that always seems to be a lower priority when I have an impeding exam. Grocery shopping, cleaning my room, and, of course, laundry – all happening this week. I’ve also been putting extra time into my on-campus organizations, research, and also applying for internships and other opportunities for summer 2014 – hard to believe it’s already time to start thinking about that.¬†On a more lighthearted note – last weekend I took the opportunity to do some neat Los Angeles stuff with friends!

On Friday night I went out to dinner at a sushi restaurant called Oiwake in Little Tokyo with the Executive Board of Trojan Scholars Society! It was so much fun – a great chance to bond with the other e-board members and also delicious! I hadn’t been to Little Tokyo before, so that was a great experience too. On Saturday, one of my really close friends – an LA native – took me and a few other friends to Mulholland Drive to see what he claimed was one of the best views of the city. After going, I couldn’t agree more – it was absolutely stunning!

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So what’s next for me? Well, this weekend is Trojan Family Weekend and the Utah game! I’ll be working at the Trojan Scholars Society tailgate on Saturday and attending the game too! I’ll also have to crack down and study for my two midterms next week – Econ 203 and ISE 220. Only a week and a half until I head home for the weekend to see the USC vs. Oregon State football game on Nov. 1. I’m getting seriously excited, so you can definitely expect a blog about that in a couple of weeks!

Have a great week!






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