Hey guys!

Well, first of all: happy 2014! There’s something really refreshing to me about starting a new year. I like trying to imagine how my life will be different the next time I watch the ball drop. The last couple of years my predictions haven’t even been close, but I like it that way. College is just a great time for new places, new people, and new experiences.

Anyways, there is so much to write about that I’ve decided to organize this blog into three sections: 1) what’s been happening since I last blogged, 2) my classes this semester, and 3) a¬†few upcoming things I’m really excited about.

1) I went home to Portland for Winter Break, and it was great. I got to relax, hang out with friends and family, catch up on sleep, watch some Netflix, and even do some shopping in my sales-tax-free home state. I also went to the beach for a day which was definitely a highlight: the Oregon Coast is seriously cold this time of year, but it’s absolutely stunning too. I also went to my first Portland Winterhawks hockey game which was an awesome experience! Lastly, I accepted an internship offer for Summer 2014! The details are still a little uncertain for now so I’ll update you about that in a future blog. Since arriving back in LA I’ve had the opportunity to have tea with USC President C. L. Max Nikias and also to go to Disneyland for the first time in ten years. Needless to say, the semester is off to a seriously great start!

2. My classes for this semester are awesome. It’s only the second week, but I already know this is going to be my favorite semester so far. I’m taking Math 225 – Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, ISE 225 – Engineering Statistics, ISE 460 – Engineering Economy, ITP 320 – Enterprise Informations Systems, and a GE 2 class ANTH 314 – The Nature of Maya Civilization. It’s really nice to have decided on a major because I’m starting to have a lot of familiar faces in my ISE classes. I also especially love the class on Maya Civilization because it’s totally different from other classes I’ve taken, and my professor is very knowledgable and passionate about the subject matter.

3. I’m really looking forward to some of my upcoming events this semester. I already have plans to see the Book of Mormon at the end of January, take a trip to visit a friend on Catalina Island, hopefully participate in the SWE Regional Conference in San Diego, organize and attend the spring Trojan Scholars Society retreat at Pali Mountain, take a trip to Ohio in May, and several other fun activities. I will be sure to blog about all of these events as they get closer, but for now, it’s looking to be an exciting semester!

That’s all for today, but now that classes are back in session I’ll be blogging weekly again. Have a great week!






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  • Justina says:

    Hi im sorry if this is random, but i go to USC and i am contemplating on taking 5 classes next semester, and one of them i am thinking about taking is GE II mayan civilization. How did that class turn out?? Is it really easy? And what is the work load, could you possibly send me the syllabus?? Im sorry to bother you but i just want to make sure i am not killing myself with 5 classes. thanks so much!

    • juliana says:

      Hi Justina!
      I’m really enjoying the GE 2 class on Maya Civilization. I wouldn’t say it’s “easy” but the workload is definitely reasonable, and I find the subject matter to be very interesting. Like most GEs I’ve taken at USC we have assigned reading every week, but the professor’s lectures are detailed, so if you pay attention in class, the reading makes a lot of sense. This semester the grading is primarily based on one midterm and three longer out-of-class essays. If you have any additional questions about the material covered or the structure of the course I definitely recommend that you contact the professor directly as he or she will be able to answer your questions accurately while I can only provide insight based on my experience this semester.