Hey guys!

This week has been seriously crazy so far. Somehow despite the fact that it’s only the third week of classes I haven’t been this stressed in quite a while. Classes are suddenly hitting hard, but mostly it’s been everything outside of my classes: clubs, organizations, and activities that all seem to be happening at the same time. This Friday night for example, I’m supposed to be three places at once! Until someone in Viterbi invents a time-machine, that’s just not going to happen, so I’ve had to prioritize and make some tough choices about how to spend my time lately. Despite the fact that I’ve been overwhelmed, I also feel like I’ve been coping with my anxiety level pretty well this week: no massive panic attacks so far! Since I usually blog about what’s on my mind, I decided that this week I would write about some of the ways I’ve been dealing with something that every college student (probably every high school student too) faces at some point: stress.

1. Sleep. This is definitely number one in my anti-stress campaign. I’ve made it my number one priority to get at least eight (preferably nine) hours of sleep per night this week. That can be challenging when I have lots of other stuff to do, but I know that sleeping as much as possible makes it easier for me to tackle any challenges that come my way with a good attitude.

2. Eat well. For me, eating well is crucial to feeling healthy and coping with challenges. Obviously sometimes you just need some chocolate, but I’ve been trying not to get sick this week (two of my roommates are sick so this is really a challenge) by eating vitamins and drinking orange juice. I even tried the new juice bar on-campus, Nekter, for a tasty treat!


3. Exercise. I love that my apartment building Troy East has a gym on the second floor. It makes working out convenient whenever I have a break in my busy schedule. Exercising gives me a chance to clear my mind and prepare for whatever is happening next.

4. Stay ahead as much as possible. I’ve been proud of myself for keeping up on my homework this week. By finishing assignments early, I can check with a professor or a classmate on any questions I have (there are usually a couple) which means I’m more confident and less anxious about any homework I submit.


5. Prioritize. Sometimes, like this Friday, I can’t help it: no matter how hard I may try, I just can’t be in two or three places at once. In this situations I try to prioritize my commitments and attend what is most important to me or what I’m most needed at. I’ve gotta say, sometimes it can be really tough to choose.

6. Do some fun things. Even when times are tough, it’s important to have fun. I don’t want to reach graduation and realize I spent my whole college experience anxious and stressed. I try to take study breaks to grab lunch or dinner with a friend, or even study for a class with someone I know. The cover photo of this blog is me go-karting earlier this week!

7. Use time wisely. This one kind of goes without saying, but I’ve basically been using every spare minute to stay ahead. Whether it’s an hour break between classes, or even just an extra 10 minutes when my class ended early, I’ve been doing homework, sending emails, coordinating events, and just trying to stay organized.

8. Be around people who lower your stress level: not people who raise it. Everyone gets anxious sometimes, it’s just part of life. When I’m stressed, I try to hang around friends who are more relaxed because they tend to help me gain perspective and realize that the world is not going to end this week. These are good friends. to have.

9. Be able to laugh at certain situations. Sometimes when a situation is too ridiculous, I just have to laugh. I don’t really know how to give an example of this one, but I just try to keep in mind that some situations are out of my control and I can’t change that. Try to see the humor in life.

10. When times get easier again, be grateful! Relax a little when you can so that when the inevitable next wave of stress hits, you’re able to handle it! I’m definitely looking forward to this one. After this weekend things should get a little better for me!

I know this week’s blog didn’t have as many pictures as usual, but like I said, it’s been a crazy week. Next week  I’ll try to do better when I write about my major which should be fun since I just declared last semester.

Have a great week!





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