Hey guys!

I hope things are going well. Only two weeks until Spring Break and I’m so excited! Now that spring is here it’s time to start thinking about housing again. Last year I blogged about my freshman housing in Birnkrant which you can read about here. This year I’m going to blog about my sophomore housing in Troy East.

Troy East is an apartment complex located between 30th and 32nd streets, just north of campus before you reach Greek Row. The complex overlooks University Avenue and McAllister Field which is really cool. My apartment faces north and overlooks downtown Los Angeles which is absolutely amazing. Honestly, the view out of my fourth floor apartment is simply stunning.


Inside, my apartment is pretty spacious. It’s a two-bedroom designed for four people, so I share the apartment with my freshman year roommate, Gwen, and two girls who lived on my floor last year, Moriah and Kaitlin. Below is a picture of us the first day we moved into our apartment way back in August!


I spend a lot of time studying in my room, so I try to keep it as clean as possible. The photo below was taken at the beginning of the year, so it’s gotten a little more cluttered since then, but it’s actually pretty much the same with the addition of a few more textbooks and stacks of paper on my desk.

IMG_4418Overall I’d definitely recommend the Troy East Complex for sophomore housing. It has a perfect location, and a lot of sophomores live there so you’ll definitely run into plenty of people you know. Plus, you can’t beat the balcony and view of downtown.

Have a great week!






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