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I hope you’re all doing well. So this week I want to talk about one of my favorite organizations on campus – DOZ!

Delta Omicron Zeta (DOZ) is USC’s premiere professional leadership fraternity. Basically, being a professional fraternity means that we can have both girls and guys (unlike traditional Panhellenic sororities and IFC fraternities), and that we’re part of USC’s unique Professional Fraternity Council. Other professional fraternities like DOZ at USC include Phi Alpha Delta (pre-law), Alpha Epsilon Delta (pre-med), Alpha Kappa Psi (business), Delta Kappa Alpha (film), and numerous others. There is also an engineering fraternity (Sigma Phi Delta) and an engineering sorority (Alpha Omicron Epsilon) on campus with a similar professional focus.

When I came to USC, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be part of a traditional Panhellenic sorority. I was intrigued by the idea of a family on campus, and I was interested in the professional events and philanthropy events, but I just decided it wasn’t quite the right for me personally. I have a lot of really close friends in the Greek system here, but I was looking for something a bit different. I found exactly what I was looking for in DOZ.

Although the idea of a leadership fraternity is a bit unusual, I really love what DOZ has to offer. It aims to foster personal growth in a diverse community of leaders through self-understanding and the collective observation and practice of leadership. It’s really neat because the members of DOZ are leaders all over campus. We’re able to use each other as resources, and develop leadership skills in unique and interesting ways. Plus, the fraternity was only founded in 2008, so we have a lot of room to grow.

DOZ is a lot of fun because it combines a leadership emphasis with professional activities, social activities, philanthropic activities, and more. We have weekly chapter meetings, a big sib/little sib program, and many social, fun events such as trips to Six Flags or Disneyland. We also go hiking together, participate in various philanthropic events, and host alumni networking events.

In my opinion, one of the best things about USC is that there are so many different ways to get involved. DOZ, a professional Greek organization, is just one of the countless activities and societies that have shaped my time at USC. The diversity of activities and opportunities here make USC feel like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book sometimes, But in the end, it’s all of these different opportunities together that make USC such a wonderful place to be.

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