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I hope things are going well. With spring rapidly approaching we always get lots of questions about housing. Since I’ve already blogged about my freshman housing in Birnkrant (read here) and my sophomore housing in Troy East (read here), this time I’m blogging about my junior year housing in Pacific Apartments!

Pacific, located just north of campus, is owned and managed by USC. Personally, I really like living in USC Housing because it’s so hassle-free. The apartment comes furnished which is really nice, and the total rent is automatically billed to my USC account every semester so I don’t have to deal with garbage bills and electricity bills and wifi all of that other stuff. My apartment building is mostly upperclassmen – lots of juniors and seniors, a few exchange students, and quite a few transfer students. It’s a nice mix of people, and a pretty small building overall.

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I live with three really good friends, which is a lot of fun. We have a two bedroom apartment, and we though we’re all very busy, we tend to spend a lot of time at home. Last year when I lived in Troy East, I felt like I was never in my apartment, but this year has been quite the opposite. I cook most of my meals at home (as do all of my roommates) and I do most of my studying in our apartment also. It’s really quiet which helps me concentrate and get work done.

A lot of my friends at USC live on Ellendale Street or Menlo Street (see the map below) so Pacific is also nice because it’s a quick walk or an even quicker bike ride away. The fun thing about living north of campus is that it’s a really popular housing area for students, so I feel really close to all of my friends. Plus, when I have group project meetings now, most of my friends also live nearby so it’s easy to meet in our apartments.

I live just a quick walk from campus, maybe 10 minutes at the most.


Though I’ve lived in USC housing for the past three years now, I’ve decided to do something totally different next year. For my senior year, I’m going to be living in a house on Adams (see map below) with a seven other people. I’m so excited – the people I will be living with are all friends of mine from Delta Omicron Zeta (DOZ), the leadership fraternity I’m involved with on campus. I will have my own bedroom, and a totally different kind of housing experience from this year. But really, that’s the nice thing about housing here – there are so many different options that it’s easy to find cool places to live.

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