Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all settling in for another great year. My semester has been busy, but wonderful so far.

Today I’m going to blog about one of my favorite Viterbi student organizations – Freshman Academy! I love being a Freshman Academy Coach.

Freshman Academy is a class designed to help freshman learn about the importance of engineering, the ethical implications of engineering decisions and understand how engineers affect society, technology, history and politics. The class also gives engineering freshmen lots of resources to help them be successful during their time at USC.

My Freshman Academy last semester, all dressed up and ready to go to the Viterbi Career Fair!

My Freshman Academy last semester, all dressed up and ready to go to the Viterbi Career Fair!

These classes, which are one semester and two-units, give engineering freshmen the amazing opportunity to develop an academic community with other freshmen and faculty outside of their major department. Plus, the Freshmen Academies have “Coaches,” upper division Viterbi students (like me!) who are there to support and act as a resource for all freshmen during their transition to USC.

As a Freshman Academy Coach, I get to work with my co-coach to plan activities that will be helpful to my freshman students, and bring in guest speakers who are experts on sharing useful resources. We coordinate student panels, lab tours, resume workshops, and much more! I also get to help with the planning of out-of-class activities and even All-Academy Lectures, which host distinguished guest speakers specifically for freshman.


Two of my fellow coaches (Alex and Wes) hanging out with Freshman Academy students during an out-of-class activity!

This is my second year being a Coach, and it’s been one of the most fun, valuable, and rewarding experiences I’ve had at USC. As a senior, this will be my last semester coaching, and I know it’s something I’m really going to miss.

Until next time!


P.S. I’m so excited for the Stanford football game this weekend – Beat the Farm!


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