Hey everyone,

Welcome back from Winter Break! I had a blast relaxing back home in Portland, Oregon.

But now we’re back for another awesome semester. Here’s what’s on my mind after nearly a month off:

1. College Football National Championship tonight!

I’m rooting for Oregon obviously, because if it can’t be USC, I’m at least going to #BackThePac

Plus, like, half of my high school goes to UO.

2. New courses

This semester I’m taking:

  • ISE 310 – Production I: Facilities and Logistics  (Facilities layout and design: material handling and transportation; site selection and sourcing; supply chain management.)
  • ISE 470 – Human/Computer Interface Design  (Essentials of human factors and computer interface for the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of integrated media systems.)
  • DSO 431 – Foundations of Digital Business Innovation  (Foundational frameworks for understanding the planning and execution of digitally-enabled strategic initiatives.)
  • DSO 433 – Business Process Design  (Analyzing and improving business processes with digital technologies; use cases; business case design.)
  • DSO 462 – Managing a Small Business on the Internet  (Foundational knowledge for managing a small business on the internet including strategies, tools, and resources integrated with hands-on skills for developing a small business website.)
  • PHED 120A – Yoga  (Introduction to meditation, breathing techniques and postures as a means towards relaxation; increase muscle flexibility, understanding of basic anatomy and nutritional guidelines.)

Guess which class isn’t required for my major? I’ll give you a hint: it’s yoga. Actually there are multiple correct answers because I’m taking the DSO 462 completely for fun too – it looks interesting to me, and the professor seems awesome!

 3. Student Org Stuff

I’m excited to jump back into the swing of things with my major on-campus involvements. I’m looking forward to a variety of events for Delta Omicron Zeta, my professional leadership fraternity. Additionally, I’ll be continuing my work on the Executive Board of the Trojan Scholars Society. This semester we’ll be going to see Wicked (the Broadway musical) and we have our annual spring retreat!

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 4. Stamps Scholars National Convention

This semester I get to go to Atlanta, Georgia for the Stamps Scholars National Convention! I’m so excited to meet Stamps Scholars from across the country. You can read more about that here. Also look for another blog when it gets closer to April.

I hope you all had great Winter Breaks also, and here’s to a great semester!

Until next time,


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