Well, it’s only Wednesday, but this week has already been crazy! The last three days have each included a fun activity that was outside of my normal routine. Although, I suppose with the exception of classes, my “normal routine” has included a huge range of activities recently. Here’s a sample!

1. Monday – Dinner with the Stamps Ladies

First and foremost: If you haven’t been to Pizza Studio before, you’re totally missing out. Owned and operated by USC alums, and located right across from campus on Figueroa, this pizza place is definitely a campus favorite. On Monday I got the chance to have dinner with a few spectacular ladies who I don’t get to see nearly as often as I’d like. The Stamps Scholarship is relatively new at USC – it started with my class (2016), and I’m lucky enough to be one of the 5 inaugural Stamps Scholars at USC. Last year I got the opportunity to travel to Michigan with Hannah, Kat, and Alaina for the Stamps National Convention, and since then we’ve tried to make the effort to hang out as often as we can. It was really fun to catch up with these girls and hear about all of the neat things they’re accomplishing.


With my fellow sophomore Stamps Scholar ladies – Hannah, Kat, and Alaina!

2. Tuesday – Trojan Scholars Society Panel

I’m on the Executive Board of the Trojan Scholars Society, which is actually the largest student organization on campus with over 2,000 members. On Tuesday our Professional Development Chairs put on an panel called “Schmoozing with the Scholars” where older scholarship students with neat internship experiences talked about their experiences and answered questions for freshmen scholars. It was really fun to attend and hear about the experiences my fellow students have had. I also got some good tips on networking and applying for internships.

TSS Group Photo

The Executive Board of the Trojan Scholars Society.

3. Wednesday – Viterbi Career Fair

Today was the Viterbi Career Expo in the Engineering Quad! During this career fair, which is solely for engineers, what feels like about 100 companies all set up tents and talk to students from varying engineering disciplines about internship and job opportunities, give resume feedback, and even do some interviews. I talked to representatives from companies including Boeing, Abbott Laboratories, Chevron IT, and several others. Despite the rain, it was great to meet some recruiters and learn about potential internship opportunities. It’s also fun to run into so many engineers that I know in one place. Including Alex!


At the Career Expo with VSA Alex!

That’s all for now! Hopefully the rest of this week will be just as interesting!




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