Even when you first start your education, people always ask you, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” This is always such a big question that we expect young kids to know. I had no idea what I wanted to as a young 5 year old so I always gave the same generic response “Doctor, Lawyer, Professor, or Doctor-Lawyer-Professor.” As you become older you tend to get a real idea of what you want to do in life. As I entered middle school, and fostered an interest in computers, I soon began even mention specific companies that I wanted to work for. I still think its a little weird that a 13 year old boy had his plans set for the future. I had ideas of working for GOOGLE, Disney, and even AT&T and it is really crazy how i now have the opportunity to actually interact with recruiters from these companies.

As many of you may know because of others’ blogs, we had our career fair this week. It is a huge event that Viterbi throws so that students and organizations a like have the chance to interact. For many students including myself it provides the possibility of landing a summer internship. For other upperclassmen it can even mean getting a full-time job. I never thought I would get to this stage in my life where my goals of working for such notorious companies could become a reality. It was a slightly nerve-wracking experience at first, talking to recruiters who could potentially make  or break your dreams but it soon became an exhilarating experience. I was so happy to put my name out into the IT world and was even able to meet companies who were never even on my radar. It was crazy busy (because everyone wants a job) but, overall I think I had a successful career fair.



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