Although many like to study at the various nooks and crannies of campus those are not the places for me. My favorite place to study is the CED short for the Center for Engineering Diversity. It is my favorite place on campus because of all the all the amenities offered to its members. The CED is located on the second floor of Ronald Tutor Hall, one of the main engineering buildings on campus. This is a great location because it is not that far from most of my classes. When you’re hungry you can just pop down stairs to the RTH Cafe that serves a huge variety of food. It has an awesome open floor plan for people not only to study by themselves but also provides a great work group work environment.


I love this place so much because it is not a library. To me, libraries are way too quiet and stiff. Although people are still respectful of others’ needs to get work done, the CED provides a very friendly and calm atmosphere. There are computers and workspaces just like any other study room; not to mention a great amount of outlets which become crucial whilst in college. Some clubs even have study sessions here for specific courses usually to help entering freshman and sophomores acclimate to some of the more rigorous courses.

Center for Engineering Diversity

If you are a member of CED which I encourage everyone to become you get 24-hour access. You also get free printing which is a great help when you have to print out those 15 page syllabi.  I aboslutely love to study here. It has really helped me get my work done in the past such as when I have to pull all-nighters because I waited to the last minute and or just getting help from others on assignments. Although others may feel differently I think this is the best place to study.


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