dockweiler beach sunsetI love Los Angeles which is one of the reasons why I stayed here for college. I can name hundreds of places that I love to go to on a regular basis but, I am choosing one of my recent favorites Dockweiler Beach. One of the best perks about going to USC is your relative location to almost everything. Being in the heart of Los Angeles, everything think is really close including the beach.


Dockweiler beach is a great place to watch the sunset with friends. If you aren’t looking for a typical beach day with swim gear and tanning oil, Dockweiler is perfect for those late night beach adventures. The water stays at a pretty warm temperature perfect for those long walks on the beach.


Dockweiler is one of my personal favorites not only because it is so close to campus but because of the fire pits They are the best for bonfire’s. Even if you don’t roast any marshmallows it is simply great to go to the beach late at night and be around a fire.

Dockweiler beach                 dockweiler Beach guitar


I can’t play the guitar but if you have a friend that does take them with you when you go. Something about sitting around a fire and singing old songs with your friends is so magical. You don’t need to spend big bucks to have a good time in LA and I honestly feel that this is a huge testament to that. By far one of the best places to spend some time with friends.


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