Time management is an essential skill that I believe everyone should have. If there is anything that we don’t have enough of its time, so I feel that taking advantage of your day is key. This is a skill that I most definitely not have once entering college. If there is any piece of advice I can give to a large group of people is get a watch. I know we all have smart phones that tell us the time and that there are also wall clocks everywhere but, having a constant reminder of what time it is on your wrist is a life saver.

I feel sometimes that even that isn’t enough for me. As seen by my tweet above I still can’t make it to class on time some days. The things is, that even on a larger scale I feel like time just flies. I am already a sophomore in college at the halfway point of my fall semester. I’m doing so much with extracurriculars, work, and obviously school that time just flies.


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